Stinko De Mayo

H5 celebrates our 21st debasement this year.
Yes, Happy days are Beer again!

Registration is full, but you can sign up for the waiting list at this link:

If you can no longer cum and have sold your rego, please fill out this form to provide the information for who is now cumming for us

The year is 1933: it’s the worst year of the depression with unemployment peaking at 25.2%, Alcatraz becomes a federal penitentiary, Cuba engages in civil war, and Adolph Hitler is appointed the Chancellor of Germany and opens the first concentration camp in Dachau. Sounds like the worst year in the history of the world doesn’t it….but wait….good things came in 1933 as well..The film King Kong premieres, the first Drive-In built, Shirley Temple signs a contract with Fox at 5 years old, the chocolate chip cookie is invented…And the most important thing for hashers in the US??? The 21st Amendment to the constitution passes which repeals prohibition!!!

So this year we give “21 CHEERS FOR BEERS”!!!! Don’t be a wet blanket! REGISTER (and Pay) NOW!

The first 200 PAID registrations will be on the who’s cumming list, all remaining registrations will go on a wait list.


Arrive and set up NO EARLIER than Noon. Then belly on up the Barrel House for a beverage but don’t get blotto yet, it’s gonna be a long night!

Friday night show us your Moxie and compete in the chili cookoff
Chili Cookoff winner gets a free ticket for next year’s Stinko!

Friday Night Theme: After dinner get dressed up for our 1930’s Historical bootleggers camp march. Come as a historical figure or event from the year and learn a few things along the way. Just watch out for those Bulls trying to bust up the fun!

We’ll finish the night with some Karaoke and dancing for you crooners and hoofers out there.

Saturday Morning you’ll get breakfast before being on the Lam with your wiley hares. Don’t forget to bring some dough to buy some haberdashery.

Lunch will see you standing in the soup and bread (sandwich) line. After lunch compete in Prohibition Themed Stinko Games and then rest up for the evenings shenanigans.

Enjoy a great dinner that let’s you know you are heading out of that Great Depression

Saturday Theme: After dinner, get all dolled up in your finest 1930s glam wear as we are PUTTIN ON THE RITZ tonight as we turn the rec hall in to a full on Gin Mill. We’ll be serving some period cocktails and other giggle water while you enjoy Skits and the Drunkest Band in PA, BUBBA who will undoubtedly be hitting on all sixes.

Sunday Morning: enjoy some breakfast, yoga, and fat boy trail

Sunday Noon: Beat it or get the bum’s rush!

other event activities: join us at various times for some dance lessons and “special” silent movies.

Food and drink provided at various meal times throughout the weekend Please note: There will be SOME vegetarian options available, if you have other special dietary needs, we suggest bringing those along with you.

Directions and details and the secret handshake to get in will be sent to registrants closer to the event.

Finally, As President Franklin D. Roosevelt said “I believe this would be a good time for a beer”


I didn’t get a rego, but I want to cum and party. So and So said you can get me in can you?
Someone will not be able to go and tickets do become available. Last year we transferred 40+ registrations to other people. Get on the waiting list, tell your friends you want to go, post online in one of the FB groups or email lists. We often get asked to help someone sell their ticket, we go to the wait list to do that.

Can I bring an emotional support dog, cat, goat peacock or other animal?
No. Your fellow hashers are your emotional support for the weekend. Book your therapy sessions for the following week now.

Can I bring my baby by for a few minutes?
No. Must be 21 or over to come to any portion of this event.

I’m local/passing through and just want to pop in and say hi to a friend and hash for the day and or cum see Bubba play (again), That’s fine right?
Sorry. No that’s not fine. We’ve previously allowed passes to the hash, but we need to tightly manage the amount of people at this event in an effort to maintain our semi-good graces with our venue. If you plan to visit, plan to buy a ticket to the event.

Are there really Cabins available? I wouldn’t say cabin… It’s a screened in A-Frame structure that sleeps 6-8. Keep in mind, it’s still May and can be cold. If it rains, you’ll stay dry in a cabin, but plan on bringing some plastic to better enclose and warm them up. Use TAPE, do not stick anything in the walls of the cabin. Cabins do have light and one set of outlets, generally no cots/beds.  You should bring a power strip if needed, and your own bedroll.

Does everyone get cabin space? No.  There is not enough space for everyone but we will accommodate as many as possible.  Space is first come first served based on received deposits.

Why am I paying for a cabin?  The extra fee is just a deposit. We have a lot to clean up on Sunday without having to clean up the cabins too.  Once the cabin is clean all deposits will be returned.

I don’t want to set up a tent but I don’t have any cabin mates, can I still sign up for a cabin? Yes.  If space is available we will find you some floor space.

I am coming from out of town to help set up. Can I set up my tent/RV on Thursday night? Sorry no, we appreciate the help but camp setup is restricted to the weekend planning items.  We will arrange local accommodations for you with one of our hashers.

A drinking club with a running problem