Tour DePuke

Contact via HashSpace

Always quick to entertain us with a song, whether it’s in circle, post run or on stage!

Upper Cunt
Assistant GM & RA

The Man! The Myth! The Legend! Always here to make your circle needs just a little more debauchery filled!

Sharin’ Peter

Sharin’ Peter has been hashing since Free Beer 2012. When she’s not on trail, you’ll find her in your local adult store helping teach Central PA to cum with toys. She is sure to make you smile when she forgets the words to hash songs or makes an ass of herself while also being last in on trail. R*nning is for racists, if you can walk/hike and drink then hashing is for you! Sharin’ is caring!

Bang 4 Your Buck
Hare Raiser

Former GM of H5 decided hell wasn’t that bad and rejoined mismanagement as Hare Raiser. Contact her if you want to hare a trail

She Came
Hash Cash | Statistician

Hmmm. How to describe myself? I LOVE HASHING. I like the rush of running through the woods with the wind in my hair, with just a little bit of a buzz on. That way when you run into things and fall down it doesn’t hurt as much — until later.

I am a control freak, but I’m a bit of out-of-control.

Anal Nicole

64 and lookin! Apply Within.

Interior Defecator

Fire In My Hole

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Web Geek

Doing as little as possible and still be considered mismanagement!

Free 2 Lay

Sing it again!

Pork Your Parents
Hash Flash

Ironically… hash flash but no photo yet…

Earnest Hemingay
On Sec

Wordsmith… yet I have no words to say for him.

Running should always be this fun