Stinko De Mayo

Stinko Gets Nuclear Wasted… On an Island

It’s 40 years after the famous Three Mile Island (near) Nuclear Disaster. Let’s have an island party to celebrate.

Event Date: May 3-5, 2019

Registration is Now Open!!
to sign up.

The first 200 PAID registrations will be on the who’s cumming list, all remaining registrations will go on a wait list.

Please review sizing of hab prior to registration.


Hat SizeInch Size
Small6 3/4 – 6 7/821 1/4 – 21 5/8
Medium7 – 7 1/822 – 22 3/8
Large7 1/4 – 7 3/822 3/4 – 23 1/8
X-Large7 1/2+23 1/2 – 23 7/8

Available optional at $14 charge at time of Rego.

Body Length27.528.529.530.531.532.5
Body Width182022242628
Full Body Length27.528.529.5
Sleeve Length33.53536.53839.539.5

Arrive and set up NO EARLIER than Noon.

Friday night compete in the chili cookoff
Chili Cookoff winner gets a free ticket for next year’s Stinko!

Friday Night Theme: 40 years after the great TMI “near disaster”, it’s time to get Nuclear Wasted. Extra credit points for proper pronunciation of Nuclear. So plan your costumers for the camp crawl accordingly. TMI is an island after all, so island attire is welcome and with reactor overheating, it’s a good reason to beach or tiki it up. Or bring a hazmat suit… Have fun with it!

We’ll finish the night with some Karaoke and dancing for you crooners and hoofers out there.

Saturday Morning Don’t forget to bring some dough to buy some haberdashery.

Saturday Trail: Details to come

Saturday Afternoon: Olympics and other stuff around camp.

Saturday Evening: Bubba takes the stage along with the traditional Nekkid Hash at midnight

Sunday Morning: enjoy some breakfast, yoga, and fat boy trail

Sunday Noon: Time to clean up camp… TMI siren sounds at noon. Evacuate in an orderly fashion

Food and drink provided at various meal times throughout the weekend Please note: There will be SOME vegetarian options available, if you have other special dietary needs, we suggest bringing those along with you.

Directions and details and the secret handshake to get in will be sent to registrants closer to the event.


I didn’t get a rego, but I want to cum and party. So and So said you can get me in can you?
Someone will not be able to go and tickets do become available. Last year we transferred 40+ registrations to other people. Get on the waiting list, tell your friends you want to go, post online in one of the FB groups or email lists. We often get asked to help someone sell their ticket, we go to the wait list to do that.

Can I bring an emotional support dog, cat, goat peacock or other animal?
No. Your fellow hashers are your emotional support for the weekend. Book your therapy sessions for the following week now.

Can I bring my baby by for a few minutes?
No. Must be 21 or over to come to any portion of this event.I

Are there really Cabins available? I wouldn’t say cabin… It’s a screened in A-Frame structure that sleeps 6-8. Keep in mind, it’s still May and can be cold. If it rains, you’ll stay dry in a cabin, but plan on bringing some plastic to better enclose and warm them up. Use TAPE, do not stick anything in the walls of the cabin. Cabins do have light and one set of outlets, generally no cots/beds.  You should bring a power strip if needed, and your own bedroll.

Does everyone get cabin space? No.  There is not enough space for everyone but we will accommodate as many as possible.  Space is first come first served based on received deposits.

Why am I paying for a cabin?  The extra fee is just a deposit. We have a lot to clean up on Sunday without having to clean up the cabins too.  Once the cabin is clean all deposits will be returned.

I don’t want to set up a tent but I don’t have any cabin mates, can I still sign up for a cabin? Yes.  If space is available we will find you some floor space.

I am coming from out of town to help set up. Can I set up my tent/RV on Thursday night? Sorry no, we appreciate the help but camp setup is restricted to the weekend planning items.  We will arrange local accommodations for you with one of our hashers.

Running should always be this fun