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Harrisburg-Hershey’s 19th Anal-versary and first AGM

68 awesome H5ers and visitors joined in celebration of Harrisburg-Hershey’s 19th Anal-versary. We enjoyed great beer and food, got our formal photos taken by Squeeze Me, gave out some awards, enjoyed awesome cocktails mixed up by our very own Just Astin, and of course the ever popular music from Bubba with Tour De Puke and a special guest appearance by “Tom Arnold” on the drums. The highlight of the evening, though, had to be a great comedic look at the “year in rear-view” and roast of our newest sexygenarian (Bushrat) by Brown Noser. There was dancing and merriment and those of us who closed down the bar had a great round of Glorious, Victorious. Yet somehow people have rallied and made it to BDS today! So much talent and energy in this Hash. H5 truly does rock!
We had technical difficulties and could not project photos that our Hash Flash Pork Your Parents put together, so check them out in the facebook album H5 2015-2016 Year in pictures.
Most Hares (Control Freak): Bushrat
Most Hashes (Get a Life): Tour
Milestone Awards: 250 run Mug-Purple Cooter, 500 run Jacket –Tour De Puke
Biggest Hash Crash: Chief of Queef
Biggest Shit Show Moment: Orangubang
H5 AmbassaWhore: Spitz.cum
Best Trail (S.H.I.T.T.Y.est trail): Bushrat for Trail # 638. Mystery Trail to Centralia
Furthest Travelled: Visitors Cheap Thrills and Little Big Man from Ottowa
Most Shiggerific Trail: TMI#193: Big Ten Inch
Trail Fail of the Year: Scissor Me Timbers for allowing autoharing on Trail 664: New ‘s trail
Most Returning Virgins (Cherry Poppin Daddy): Wild Cherry
Most entertaining new virgin (Rookie of the Year): Gilligan, and the Skipper too..
Lifetime “Horse’s Ass” Mis-chievement: (for shenanigans and “misdeeds”): DeathWish
Lifetime “Golden Whistle” Achievement: (bringing goodness to the hash): Founder Trashed

Your H5 Mismanagement:

Asst GM-Chief of Queef
Hash Cash: She Came
Hare Raiser: Wild Cherry
Web Meister: Squeeze Me
Songmeister: Tour De Puke
RA: UpperCunt
ASST RAs: Fart ConnOr and Sharin’ Peters
Haberdasher: Anal Nicole
Awards Mistress: Fire in My Hole
Stinko Chief: Chappy
Hash Flash: Pork Your Parents
Thanks to all for attending and especially the people who helped make it all happen: Tour De Puke, LockJaw, Chappy, Dancing Fool, Sharin’ Peters, Fire in My Hole, Pork Your Parents, Ernest Hemingay, The members of Bubba, Just Astin, Sister Maria, Squeeze Me, phWedgie, Brown Noser, She Came, and Chief of Queef
On On to another Great Year.
Free 2 “did anyone get a look at the truck that ran over me last night” Lay