H5 Hashers
Hashers, meet the hashers. You will be forever known as WHAT? You may never know their nerd name, but here are the names by which they’ve been adorned amongst the hashers.


Haring Milestones
See who has committed their life to laying flour for the enjoyment of other wankers. Have you hared lately? Get off your ass and plan a hash. Not sure your half-mind can handle it? Check out the Hare Guide or contact the Hare Raiser. It’s your turn to lay flour!

Haring Details
Can’t believe you spent your life providing for the enjoyment of other wankers? Here are the details showing that you actually gave it up. If you can’t find your name on this list, it’s about time you get out and hare a hash.


See who doesn’t have a life beyond hashing. Want to cum out and hash but not sure you want to be associated with these half-minds? Check out the Detailed Hashing Guide, then just show up!

 Hashing Details (Hash Names A-Z | K-Z )
Forgot what you’ve been doing over the years? Well if you were hashing you can use this as an alibi. 100+ pages of hashers that attended each hash.

Hashers First Named Hash
Think you’ve been hashing a long time? See who came when and give a hearty “F*~k You” next time you see the hashers that made H5 happen. Provides a great chronology of the history of H5.

Hash Attendance
“Where, where, were you last hash? Why did you leave us hash all alone? You fat lazy bastard you weren’t even here. So we f*~cked all the virgins and drank all the beer.” Are you surprised that, other than Stinko, the Free Beer for All the Hashers hash had the highest named hashers in attendance?

Who Came
We know She Came, but who else came?

Hash Trashes

prior to 2007 | 2007 – Current
Curious about what happened? Read the hash trash archive. Yes, this is recorded. So, if you haven’t written one and someone hasn’t done a report for a hash you attended. Step up and send one to the list (before we start assigning this duty at circle, now that’s an idea!)


We do like to recognize you wankers for your participation. In all actuality, it’s really just a way to point out that you have nothing better to do then hashing.

Hash Run Award Levels
  • 25 Runs – An official H5 Hash tag
  • 50 Runs – A 50 Run Patch (for your Happi Coat that ID will be happy to sell you.)
  • 100 Runs – H5 Fleece Vest and 100 Run Patch
  • 150 Runs – 150 Run Patch
  • 200 Runs – 200 Run Patch
  • 250 Runs – 250 Run Patch, Personalized Wooden Mug and a life!
  • 500 Runs – 500 Run Patch, Personalized Bomber Jacket
Hare Award Levels
  • 5 Hares – Experienced Hare Patch
  • 10 Hares – 10 Hare Patch
  • 25 Hares – 25 Hare Patch and a Personalized Aluminum Flask
  • 50 Hares – 50 Hare Patch
  • 75 Hares – 75 Hare Patch
  • 100 Hares – 100 Hare Patch and a Hash Kilt

Awards subject to change due to availability

Running should always be this fun