Awards at Chinese New Year Hash

Congratulations to the following wankers that were presented awards at the Chinese New Year Hash:

Hash Hare Awards Patch;

[Milestone 10 Hares]:

  • M’Orrally Challenged
  • She Came)

[Milestone 5 Hares]:

  • Girth Brooks
  • Head First

Hash Run Awards Patch;

[Milestone 250 Hashes]:

  • Deathwish
  • Tour de Puke

[Milestone 150 Hashes]:

  • Tour de Puke

[Milestone 100 Hashes]:

  • Wild Cherry
  • Lunachic
  • She Came

[Milestone 50 Hashes]:

  • Girth Brooks
  • Webelos Scout
  • Flaming Earl Gay

Courtesy Girth Brooks, the awards bastard for H5