New To Hashing? Come Join Us!

Hash House Harriers (or HHH, H3 or also called Hashing)

Is simply an international group of non-competitive running social clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a hash or hash run, with participants calling themselves hashers or hares and hounds.

It is not a drug reference.
It is not a bizarre sex cult.
It is not a secret society.

It is a place for people that enjoy a good time, get a little exercise while having a laugh and feeling free to be a little juvenile without being judged.

Preparing for your first hash

After you’ve decided this is for you, you may be wondering how to get started. That’s the easy part. Check out the calendar, find an even that works with your schedule and show up. We won’t even ask you to pay the first time.

Fitness: You don’t need to be a runner or even fast. Most of us aren’t! We are an eclectic group with a wide variety of abilities. We have hashers that are thin, overweight, college age, middle-aged parents who struggle to get the gym semi-regularly and retirees. Some like to run “events with medals”, but hashers firmly believe, race is a four letter word and “race”-ism is wrong.

Attire: Nothing nice! Certainly don’t wear any  clothes you got from a 5K or half-marathon. Something you won’t mind when it gets dirty, or pulled on jaggers (we call it shiggy). Because that WILL happen. But it’s all part of the fun. Avoid new shoes. Looking like you are ready for a fashion show puts too much focus that you are a serious athlete and you may get a good-natured ribbing about it.

Whistle: Bring a whistle! All hashers should, but they rarely listen to what they are told. Some people’s kids… They are used to signal to other hashers you have found the right way to go or, if you get lost, you signal for help. But like most outdoor activities, we suggest “the buddy system” and stick with your buddy.  That way if we have to send a search party we get a two for one deal. 😉

Flashlight: Usually the hares will be generous enough to suggest if you will need a flashlight to make it back safely. But if you think you my need one, it’s a good idea to carry something to light the way. Good news is, these days, LED flashlights are very light and easy to carry. If you are going to come out to many dark trails, invest in a nice headlamp, you’ll appreciate being hands-free and are awesome if you decide on a camp out.

After: A dry bag is always a good idea with a change of clothes including socks. Fording a stream is not uncommon and there is always some sort of social gathering afterward. May as well be comfortable.

Hash Ambassadors: It can be daunting showing up somewhere without knowing anyone. Drag a friend  along if you like. We always love sharing our “sport” with new people and the more the merrier.

If you check out the mismangement page, you will find a list of people who are dedicated to helping h5 keep rolling and would be happy to help guide you how to get started.

Trail Marks

: Flour dot. This is a mark that may indicate you are headed in the right direction.

: These can be in flour or chalk. At this mark, the trail can go in any direction. It’s up to the pack to find the proper direction.

: This mark is laid by the hare. It means that you are going the wrong way. Go back to the check and try a different direction.

Beer Near & Shot Near
: Beverage stop… take a break and join up with the pack.

Check Back
: Count back the number of dots listed and that dot is now a check.

True Trail
: This mark is only laid by the hare. It means the correct way to go is this direction. The pack can lay an arrow to indicate someone went in a direction but the three slash tail arrow is reserved for the hare.

Boob Check
: Men must stop at this symbol. Only women can go look for true trail and the men can follow after. If the ladies want help finding trail… they have the option to ask for help. You’ll see when you get there.

Naughty Check
: An intersection check where the first person must stop and assume the “spanking” position. The next person give them a swat on the butt and takes there spot while the first person goes and looks for trail. It’s a fun way to bring the pack back together.

There could be other marks too, but the hare will (should) explain them before they head off for trail.

Just come… and have fun with us!