H5 Events Calendar on your Smartphone

First off… I have heard a number of frustrations about the way that events are listed on h5hash.com. Believe me.. I hear you and I understand. I’ve had some issues with the plugin I had on the website that is limited in what we need it to do. I’ve tweaked and messed with it. So, I said eff it. There has to be an easier way.

So, I’m now embedding a Google Calendar on the page. So people should be more easily see what’s going on. They can go forward and backward. Events won’t disappear after the event begins.

I have the change posted now. Please take a moment and let me know if you see something odd.

What is even cooler with this calendar… if you are an iPhone user (not sure if other smart phones support this but I’m sure you can easily google it or check with your manufacturer)… You can add this calendar to your iphone calendar and you’ll always be up to date.

This also works with applications that support ICAL file format.

Here is the subscribed address for your device:

As far as how do you set this up on the iPhone… here are the directions I blatantly stole off some guys blog…

How to Subscribe to an iCalendar Server/.ICS feed [iPhone]
iCalendar is an older calendar subscription format, and many servers offer .ICS feeds of calendar entries. I particularly love TripIt‘s free travel itinerary service, which is available as an ICS feed. iPhone OS 3.0 also includes iCal as a supported protocol for over-the-air subscription, so you can view your ICS feeds right in your phone calendar. Note that iCalendar is read-only, like an RSS feed, so you cannot create or edit items on the phone.
1. copy this URL

2. ummm…
3. Go back to the home screen and select “Settings”
4. Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
5. Select”Add Account…” under “Accounts”
6. Select “Other” at the bottom
7. Select “Add Subscribed Calendar”
8. Select the “Server” box and tap “Paste”
9. Select “Next”
10. Optionally modify the description