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Helpful Hints for Planning for Your Hash

Some more thoughts to ponder,
submitted by Holy F*ck (S.H.I.T./Dayton):

Just Do It! A Hasher’s Moral Obligation…

I know it’s an ironic topic for someone named Holy F*ck. Do hashers have any moral obligation to contribute to the hash or is okay to just show up, pay a few $$$, run/walk a cool trail, drink beer, and hang with some cool like-minded folks? I say, “You bet your @ss you do!!!”

I know not all half-minds feel that they have the confidence, ability, or time to lay a trail. I say “You bet your@ss you do!!!”

Some options to consider:

  1. Find a mentor. This should help with confidence issues. Most kennels have hare raisers; they can usually make some good recommendations.
  2. Co-hare. This way you don’t have to be a bad @ss runner.
  3. Pre-lay. Be careful, some kennels will kill you for this. Check with your hare raiser or…keep it a secret.
  4. Relax…haring a trail is probably the simplest problem you have solved since high school and besides, it’s okay to screw up.

There is much more work required to throw a successful hash then laying a good trail. I have seen a lot of “I don’t have to do anything (except be entertained) because I paid my money”. Again, “You bet your @ss you do!”

Some things you can do to contribute:

  1. Be a designated driver…this might be the greatest thing you could do :o)
  2. Offer your car as the bag vehicle. This may require you to stay with your car instead of running the trail.
  3. Volunteer for the brew crew. This may require you to abstain from drinking.
  4. Help pick up trash at the start and end circle. This may require you to take a bag of trash home with you.
  5. Scout cool bars for on-afters or on-on-ons. This may cost a bit but if you’re going to be out getting drunk you might as well call it research.
  6. Participate in mis-management. This may cause you to loose your half-mind.

In closing, I would like to say that not everyone has to contribute to every trail they run or every kennel that they hash with but hashing is a give and take social club.

Please be a giver.
On-On! *Holy F*ck (S.H.I.T./Dayton*)